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Summertime Saga is a dating simulator game for adults with stunning graphics and cross-platform support. The game is available on all the major operating systems including Android, Windows, and macOS. Summertime Saga is a very unique game with tons of interesting plot lines and the player is free to choose any plot line they want to progress through the levels. It is completely free to download and you can sync your progress across multiple devices after signing in with the same account.

Summertime saga official game

Summertime Saga Features

Entertaining plot

The plot of Summertime Saga is very interesting with a great main character. You can explore all the timelines of the game through the eyes of the main character, who is a college student finding his way through life. There are many side quests and new plot lines are added with every update to keep it interesting and feeling fresh no matter how long you have been playing it.

Great graphics

Summertime Saga has great-looking graphics for such a small game. You will be able to admire the beauty of the characters and their design while playing through the missions. The game does not require a high-end graphics card to run and you can play it on any regular device, even if it’s a relatively older one.

New content added regularly

Summertime Saga is updated on a monthly basis which adds hours of content to the plot lines along with bug fixes. These updates are crucial for the smooth functioning of the game and keeping the timeline moving so that you never get bored. You can also vote on how you want the plot to progress if you support the development of Patreon.

Cross-platform support

The game is available on multiple different operating systems and you can log in with your account to sync the progress of your game and continue playing on any of your devices. The game is available for absolutely no charge at all on all the major operating systems including Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Numerous subplots

There are more than 65 different characters in the game and numerous different suppliers that you can explore in order to progress in the game. You will need to complete several side quests in a specific time frame in order to earn money for college which is the end goal of this game.

Large community

The user base of Summertime Saga is growing rapidly in numbers and it has amassed millions of active users worldwide that play the game on a regular basis. Summertime Saga is a very addictive and rewarding game that you can play on any of your devices as it supports multiple different platforms.

 Play Summertime saga game online

Summertime Saga Plot

The plot of Summertime Saga is set in a small American suburban town. The game follows the life of a young man who has just entered college. His father passes away leaving him devastated and feeling lonely. The death of his father is surrounded by mysterious circumstances and soon he realizes that his father had accumulated large debt over his head while dealing with shady criminals which is probably the reason behind his demise.

The death of his father is just the beginning of his problems though as he learns to navigate life while dealing with multiple characters in the game. Summertime Saga has over 65 characters that you can interact with and independently meet up with. It has over 30 unique locations where your character is free to roam around and find new characters. Summertime Saga also has more than 20 mini-games or side quests that you can explore on your own to find new plot lines or gain more experience.

Summertime Saga is incredibly fun to play and it is available to be downloaded for free on all the major operating systems. Summertime Saga is updated on a regular basis and hours of new content are added with every update. If you want to support the game and help the creators push updates more often then support them on Patreon and get exclusive rewards as a bonus. These rewards include a vote on the next event, private download servers, an in-depth development review, and an upcoming update teaser among others.

How to Play Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga has many different plotlines and you need to complete missions in order to progress in every plotline. The main goal of the protagonist in this dating is to make money for college and for that you will need to complete tons of side quests. Each day in Summertime Saga is divided into three parts, morning, daytime, and evening.

You will be able to do different quests in different time slots and the quests are time sensitive so make sure you complete them on time to pass the quest successfully. If you are unable to progress in the story then it might be time to sleep in the game to unlock further quests. Keep in mind that you should only sleep if you have to and if you sleep without reason then you might be wasting many opportunities of completing quests.

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Victor Cornelia - I have been playing Summertime Saga for a while now on my PC and now I am completely addicted to it. It is so much more fun than any other dating simulator out there at the moment. Summertime Saga keeps getting better with every new update and new plot lines are added to it which makes it even more enjoyable.

Lanny Flanagan - Summertime Saga is one of the best dating simulators that I have used till now. It has amazing graphics and so many different plotlines. It truly feels like an open-world simulator where I can interact with characters and complete missions.

Gideon Easter - Summertime Saga has so many great categories to choose from and it is so much fun to play. It is small in size which is ideal for my Andoird and I can sync my progress from the PC to my Android and keep playing whenever I’m bored.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is Summertime Saga updated?

Summertime Saga receives regular updates every month. The updates include new plotlines as well as bug fixes for the game that keep it running smoothly on all the different operating systems.

What content will be added in the next update?

The future plotlines of Summertime Saga are decided through the votes of Patreon to support the game. You can support the development of Summertime Saga on Patreon and get the chance to vote for what you would like to see in the next update.

How long does it take to finish Summertime Saga?

It takes around 14 and a half hours of gameplay to complete the main story of Summertime Saga. If you want to complete the extra parts as well then it will take you approximately 21 hours of gameplay.

When will the development for Summertime Saga be completed?

Summertime Saga is in the later stages of development and gets updates on a regular basis. It is available to download on all the major operating systems. Summertime Saga is constantly updated with new plotlines so it is not clear at the moment when the development of this dating simulator will be completed.

Who is DarkCookie?

DarkCookie is the creator and main developer of the dating simulator Summertime Saga. DC for short, DarkCookie regularly streams the whole development process as well as actual gameplay of Summertime Saga. DarkCookie also posts sneak peeks of the upcoming plotlines of Summertime Saga and you can join his Patreon to vote on what storylines you would like to see in the next update of the game.

Summertime saga official game

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Summertime Saga is one of the fastest growing dating simulators at the moment with millions of active users worldwide. Summertime Saga is available on all the major operating systems which means you can keep playing the game on multiple different devices and pick up where you left off on different devices seamlessly.

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